Dimming Technology

For many years we have developed and manufactured our own dimming systems. This was done out of necessity, since the dimmers available in the marketplace did not meet our standards for quality and/or performance. Today we incorporate the following dimming systems into our products:

  1. Decadium Dimming System

    This dimmer is controllable through a slide or through a slide knob potentiometer. It is rated for up to 500 Watts at 120 Volts and can dim from full brightness to 1/1000th of one percent (1%). It also has a tilt switch incorporated into its design, so it will shut itself off, if the lamp were to fall.

  2. DimmSystem Punkt 1 (*P1)

    This dimming system, P1 or Punkt 1, is now available for line-voltage applications, low-voltage applications as well as LED applications. The line-voltage version is rated up to 300 Watts, the low-voltage version up to 100 Watts. The LED version operates at 700 mAmp and can support up to 18 Watts of LED performance.

    All of our dimming products have recently been redesigned to be compliant with the latest RoHs guidelines to make sure that no hazardous substances are being used in the dimmer itself or in its production.

  3. U.S. Patents

    Due to the innovative nature of our dimming systems, we received two US Patents to protect our intellectual property.

    U.S. Patent No. 7,294,977 Lamp dimming system and methods.

    U.S. Patent No. 6,877,885 Floor lamp having improved dimmer configuration.