Viennese Floor Lamp

Floor lamp with Viennese style glass and Dimm-System P1 (*P1).

Features of Dimm-System *P1

Point Dimming
the dimming control is reduced to a single point on the arm of the lamp

Soft On
a single “click” will turn the lamp on -- the lamp gradually brightens to full brightness

Soft/Delayed Off
a single “click” will turn the lamp off -- the lamp dims to 60% brightness, remaining at that level to allow you to exit the room; then the lamp gradually turns itself off

Dimming Cycle
press and hold the dimmer down -- the lamp will cycle through all the dimming levels -- release the dimmer when the lamp reaches the light level of your choice

Tilt Switch
a safety measure is provided with the “Dimm System Punkt 1”. In the event that the lamp is tipped over, the tilt switch cuts off the power to the lamp.


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