Holtkötter was founded by Schlossermeister Franz Holtkötter in 1964 in the town of Bad Waldliesborn located in the heart of Westphalia, Germany. Since that time and under his guidance, we have produced lighting fixtures and lamps using true manu-facturing methods that are steeped in the German "Handwerkstradition" (Craft tradition).

Over time the company grew to encompass three locations. The toolmaking, milling, stamping, and the various finishing departments are still located in Bad Waldliesborn, while the lacquering, assembly, packing and shipping departments are located in the neighboring town of Liesborn.

In the United States, the assembly, distribution, and corresponding administration departments were first established in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1983 on the banks of the Mississippi River and expanded in South Saint Paul in 1995 and again in 2005 with the opening of a new distribution center.

United States

In May 2014, the U.S. operation was reorganized with new ownership and management, but continues to procure parts and components from Holtkoetter GmbH in Germany. Long-time Holtkoetter National Sales Manager, Thomas Lillie, became president of the new company. “It was a difficult uphill road during the transition, however, the overwhelming support from the customers and the loyalty and hard work from the employees has played an integral part in getting us back on track,” he stated.

Holtkoetter is definitely back. The company was recognized by receiving a handful of industry awards in 2015, culminated by being an ARTS Award Finalist. Lillie continues, “We are humbled to say the least from the industry’s recognition of our hard work. We will continue to do our best at providing the industry with The Ultimate Lighting Machine™.”